Safe, Stable, Cost-Efficient Neutralization

Omya Neutramaxx is a concentrated, highly reactive milk of lime for the treatment of industrial
and municipal wastewater as a direct replacement for caustic soda and other milks of lime.
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Wastewater from food processing often contains a high concentration of organic compounds. Pre-treatment by coagulation/flocculation followed by flotation or sedimentation can greatly reduce the organic load. The use of ferric or aluminium salts for coagulation reduces the pH which can affect the biological processes. Omya Neutramaxx neutralizes the pH quickly to provide optimal coagulation/flocculation conditions. Its instant reactivity means it can be dosed directly into pipe reactors. The bivalent Ca2+ cations help with coagulation and  improve the flocculation process by removing more organics. This improves the dewaterability of the resulting sludge and delivers savings for plant operators in reduced requirements for coagulants and flocculants.

pH Adjustment in the Coagulation and Flocculation Processes of Organic Wastewater

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Anaerobic treatment for highly concentrated organic wastewaters such as the up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) process often requires pH adjustment. Omya Neutramaxx has superior reactivity so will increase the pH instantly in all process steps, including pretreatment, pre-acidification, and the final digestion process. The bivalent calcium cations support the granulation process in the UASB reactor, increasing the bacterial mass and the efficiency of biogas production.

pH Neutralization in the Digestion Processes of Organic Wastewater

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Acidic industrial wastewater from manufacturing and metal-finishing industries often contains high concentrations of heavy metals which must be removed on-site before the wastewater can be discharged. Heavy metals are removed by increasing the pH of the wastewater to force the precipitation of metal hydroxides. Once precipitated, coagulants and flocculants are added to agglomerate the precipiated solids and allow them to be physically separated from the treated wastewater. Omya Neutramaxx provides the perfect solution for this application, as it acts as both an instant pH adjustment agent to force preciptation and a coagulant to remove the suspended precipitates. It also improves the dewaterability of the metal hydroxide sludge. The use of Omya Neutramaxx significantly reduces the overall chemical consumption, particularly over processes that use caustic soda.

Precipitation of Heavy Metals

The most commonly used practive for the removal of fluoride or phopshate from industrial wastewater is the dosing of a lime, particularly for processes with a slightly alkaline pH. The introduction of Ca2+ ions causes the precipitation of CaF2 for process streams containing fluoride, and calcium phosphate for streams rich in phosphate. The exceptional stability and fast reaction kinetics of Omya Neutramaxx make fluoride and phosphate removal simpler and easier, without the need for powder-handling equipment, slurry make-down or dust suppression systems.

Phosphate and Fluoride Removal

Technical Support

Omya’s technical services team will help you implement the use of Omya Neutramaxx at your site. We offer advice on dosing requirements specific to your application and will work with you to identify the potential improvements.

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Omya Neutramaxx greatly reduces the risk to plant operators as it is safer to use, safer to store and safer to handle than caustic soda. Unlike caustic soda, Omya Neutramaxx is not classified as a dangerous good, and does not require any special transport classification under the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. This is particularly helpful for government-operated treatment plants and small industrial consumers whose expertise is not focused on chemical handling, and is advantageous to distribution partners responsible for the intermdiate storage, handling and re-packing at their own facilties.
Read about the classification of Omya Neutramaxx in accordance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and European Classification Labelling Packaging (CLP).

Safer to Use Than Caustic Soda

Classification of Omya Neutramaxx
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Omya Neutramaxx is more efficient than caustic soda for neutralization and precipitation processes. It enables faster settling and better dewatering of precipitated sludge, as well as reduced flocculation dosages, resulting in bulk chemical savings to plant operators. It can be direct dosed into wastewater streams without additional make down or powder dosing systems. 
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Better Operational Efficiency Than Caustic Soda

Omya Neutramaxx has exceptional sedimentation stability. It maintains a homogenous suspension in storage for more than 3 months, without the need for mixing or recirculation. This enables simpler storage and dosing, with reduced maintenance from clogged pipes and equipment, and removes the need for messy and unsafe handling practices when dealing with powdered lime. For product supplied in IBCs, customers report better product utilization, as IBCs can be fully drained without leaving a residue. This is an added advantage for distribution partners, responsible for the intermediate storage and on-forwarding of Omya Neutramaxx, increasing the demands on the product.

Stability Problems Are a Thing of the Past

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Unlike other milks of lime, Omya Neutramaxx is a free-flowing product with a stable rheology profile that does not increase over time. Combined with its improved sedimentation stability and non-clogging formulation, this extends the product’s shelf life and reduces maintenance requirements. These characteristics makes the product ideal for permanent stoage in tanks and decantation into IBC's.

More Stable Rheology Than Other Lime Milks

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Safe to Use

Omya Neutramaxx is non-corrosive, so is safer to store, handle and dose than caustic soda.
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Stable in Storage

Omya Neutramaxx remains stable for long periods, without the need for agitation.
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Efficient in Application

Omya Neutramaxx improves process efficiency and reduces process costs.
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Advantages over Caustic Soda

Omya Neutramaxx is a ready-made product, supplied as a 45% suspension, which allows for direct replacement of 50% caustic soda solution. 

Advantages over Lime Milk

Omya Neutramaxx is a liquid lime suspension with low viscosity that is more stable in storage and dosing than other liquid limes, giving it a longer shelf life.

Pre-Treatment of Organic Wastewater

Omya Neutramaxx provides optimal conditions for coagulation and flocculation to reduce the organic load in wastewater from food processing.
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pH Adjustment for Anaerobic Treatment

Omya Neutramaxx raises pH instantly in all process steps to improve the UASB treatment process for concentrated organic wastewater.
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Precipitation of Heavy Metals

Omya Neutramaxx is used to force the precipitation of heavy metals and acts as a coagulant to remove suspended particles.
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Phosphate and Fluoride Removal

Omya Neutramaxx has exceptional stability and fast reaction kinetics which make phosphate and fluoride removal simpler and easier.
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Equipment Supply

To enable the rapid implementation of Omya Neutramaxx at your site, Omya holds an inventory of dosing equipment which is available free-of-charge for short-term trials, or on lease for longer-term use.
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Omya Neutramaxx is available by rail (>55 wet metric tons), by road (up to 29 wet metric tons) and by IBC (1000 liters).
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